About us
Fungi Farm is the largest mushroom farm in Ternopil Region. We have been growing high-quality and environmentally friendly mushrooms for over 15 years.

Our team consists of experienced technologists with many years of experience who have undergone training and internships at the most popular mushroom farms in Poland.

Fungi Farm – an excellent taste, nutritional properties and modern high-tech production!
The history of our company began more than 15 years ago. In Poland, the founder of Fungi Farm, Yaroslav Salovskyi, first saw the process of growing champignons in greenhouses. It was then that the idea of creating a mushroom farm in Ternopil Region was born, which very soon became a life’s work.

In order to make his dream a reality, Yaroslav Salovskyi sold almost everything he owned at that time: a shop with a bar, a car and a house, and later he had to take out a loan. It took a lot of money to get the farm up and running, but it was worth it. Today, Fungi Farm is the largest mushroom growing enterprise in Ternopil Region.

We thoroughly take care of mushrooms at each stage of ripening. Mushrooms from Fungi Farm do not contain a single gram of chemicals – everything is natural. Three factors play an important role in growing champignons: control, cleanliness and timeliness. That’s why we carefully monitor compliance with all necessary regulations, so that our clients receive only the highest quality.
Fungi Farm is a family business created by Yaroslav Salovskyi and his sons. In the first years of work, they independently grew mushrooms. Now a large team of professionals works at the mushroom farm.

Over the years, the company has improved the technological process, but the love for our business and the care with which we create products for you have remained unchanged!

For any questions and to order, contact us by phone or on social networks
+38 (097) 638-73-74 — Delivery to Ternopil from 5 kg

+38 (096) 974-86-92 — Ternopil, market “Orange”, Sheptytskoho Str. (behind the restaurant “Garden Hall”), retail outlet № 6

+38 (073) 350-27-75 — Delivery across Ukraine from 1000 kg and large wholesale (village of Khatky)