About us
Fungi Farm is the largest mushroom farm in Ternopil Region. We have been growing high-quality and environmentally friendly mushrooms for over 15 years.

Our team consists of experienced technologists with many years of experience who have undergone training and internships at the most popular mushroom farms in Poland.

Fungi Farm – an excellent taste, nutritional properties and modern high-tech production!
Fungi Farm greenhouses are located in the suburbs of Ternopil – villages of Khatky and Proniatyn. 12 cameras with a total area of almost 6.5 ths. sq.m. are involved in the production.
Modern high-tech production and professional control by specialists allow us to achieve high productivity rates – 130 tons of champignons per month.
Raw materials
Our mushrooms grow in compost. It includes straw, chicken droppings, gypsum and mycelium. We also use high-quality peat and ecologically clean water to grow champignons.
Mushroom spawn
We reproduce the conditions of four seasons in the greenhouses in order to bring the mushroom growing conditions as close as possible to those created by nature. “Spring-summer” – overgrowth of compost with mycelium. “Autumn” – generous watering, saturation of the peat with water. “Winter” – temperature “shock” - a decrease in temperature for several days, as a result of which mushroom spawn begins to bear yield. After that, the champignons begin to grow actively. Subsequently, we harvest in three stages.
For longer storage of mushrooms, we cool their temperature down to 0-1° and send them to refrigerating chambers. We keep them there for a maximum of two days. Fungi Farm champignons are usually shipped to supermarket shelves within hours of packaging.
Fungi Farm mushrooms can be purchased on the shelves of “ATB” and “Silpo” supermarkets, as well as at our farm.
    For any questions and to order, contact us by phone or on social networks
    +38 (097) 638-73-74 — Delivery to Ternopil from 5 kg

    +38 (096) 974-86-92 — Ternopil, market “Orange”, Sheptytskoho Str. (behind the restaurant “Garden Hall”), retail outlet № 6

    +38 (073) 350-27-75 — Delivery across Ukraine from 1000 kg and large wholesale (village of Khatky)