What spices to add to mushroom dishes?

Interesting Facts
To make a mushroom dish even more fragrant and appetizing, you need to choose the right spices. It is important to add new shades to the taste, not to spoil it!
• Dill, parsley, green onions perfectly complement marinated mushrooms and salads with them;
• when frying champignons, use garlic, onion and rosemary to make the dish more piquant;
• basil will emphasize the taste of mushrooms in pizza – first it will add bitterness, and then – a sweet aftertaste;
• mushroom puree soup with champignons tastes good with oregano or marjoram;
• nutmeg is ideal for dishes with mushrooms and sour cream;
• mushroom sauces with thyme and rosemary will contrast the taste of your culinary masterpieces.