“Do you need to peel the skin from champignons?” – the question we receive from you most often

Interesting Facts
✅Be sure to update the mushroom cut.

✅You can not peel off the skin from champignons. It is edible. However, if you notice that the skin of the mushroom has become sticky, hard or contains dark spots, then remove it with a knife.

✅Cut out darkened areas and damage, if any.

✅If the champignons look clean from the outside, it is not necessary to wash them at all. It is enough to wipe with a damp cloth or kitchen sponge.

If the mushrooms contain a lot of dirt, they still need to be placed under a stream of cold water for 10 seconds.

✅After washing, dry the champignons with kitchen paper towels.

✅We do not recommend washing champignons in water before frying or drying.

✅It is also not necessary to remove the “skirts” under the mushroom cap. They are not poisonous. However, it all depends on your personal preferences.