Let’s get to know each other better!🤗

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Let’s get to know each other better!

We have collected for you 10 facts about Fungi Farm that you may not know:

✅ Fungi Farm is the largest champignon farm in Ternopil Region.

✅ Our production facilities are located in the suburbs of Ternopil – villages of Khatky and Proniatyn.

✅ Fungi Farm is a family business founded by Yaroslav Salovskyi, his wife and two sons. Now a large team of professionals works at the mushroom farm.

✅ 12 cameras are involved in the production, with a total area of almost 6.5 ths. sq.m.

✅ We have been growing high-quality and environmentally friendly mushrooms for over 15 years.

✅ Fungi Farm technologists underwent training and internships at the most popular mushroom farms in Poland.

✅ Fungi Farm grows mushrooms of two varieties – white champignons and royal champignons.

✅ The founder of farm, Yaroslav Salovskyi, got the idea of creating the enterprise when he was in Poland. After that, he began to dream of mushrooms.

✅ To pack champignons, we use a special film from Germany that contains micropores. This allows the mushrooms to “breathe”.

✅ Our champignons are sent to supermarket shelves in a matter of hours after packaging.

How long have you been familiar with our mushrooms?