Popular food bloggers showed the inside of the largest champignon farm in Ternopil Region – Fungi Farm (video)

Life of company
The company continues to work in difficult times for the country, supports the economy, helps the Armed Forces and internally displaced persons.

The presenters of “Food of Faine Misto” Vladzio, Yurii Shkilniak and Andrii Turko showed from the inside the entire process of growing champignons – from the seeds entering the bunker to the packaging of mushrooms. Mr. Yaroslav, the founder of the farm, gave them a tour of the workshops.

- At the beginning of our activity, we did many processes manually. Then new equipment was purchased, so now the farm works semi-mechanized. Each stage requires special attention. If at least one of the steps is imperfect, there will be no harvest. Seeds, watering, temperature control, collection of mushrooms – we do everything so that the champignons are high-quality, ecologically clean, and it is also very important to prevent fungal diseases. In order to preserve the quality of the mushroom, it is necessary to touch it as little as possible, - said Mr. Yaroslav.

The founder of the farm says that harvesting begins when the cap of the champignon reaches 5-7 centimeters in diameter. However, sometimes customers want to buy smaller mushrooms. Packaged products are stored in cold rooms before sale.

Food bloggers tasted Fungi Farm champignons raw and grilled. They rated the taste properties of mushrooms as excellent.

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