Fungi Farm received an international safety certificate

Life of company
It is a globally recognized standard for ensuring the safety of food products at every stage of their production, processing and sale.

- Our company successfully passed the audit and received a certificate for the food safety management system. This is another proof that Fungi Farm grows the best champignons! Product safety and customer satisfaction are a priority for our company. That is why we try not to stand still, but to improve production every day. Consumers can not hesitate, which mushrooms to choose on store shelves, because the choice is obvious!said the financial director and co-founder of Fungi Farm Yevhen Salovskyi.

By the way, Fungi Farm is the largest champignon farm in Ternopil Region. High-quality and environmentally friendly mushrooms have been grown here for more than 15 years. The Fungi Farm team are experienced technologists with many years of experience who have undergone training and internships at the most popular mushroom farms in Poland. Greenhouses are located in the suburbs of Ternopil – villages of Khatky and Proniatyn.