How to choose champignons: useful tips

Interesting Facts

Champignons are one of the safest types of mushrooms, because it is almost impossible to get poisoned by them. But do you know how to choose them correctly so that only the tastiest and freshest champignons get into your dishes?

We have collected some tips for you that will definitely help you in your choice:
• fresh champignons – white or slightly brown. Darkened mushrooms are already overripe, after cooking they become hard;
• there should be no dark spots or specks on the caps of fresh mushrooms;
• in fresh mushrooms, the film between the leg and the cap must not be damaged;
• to the touch, the champignon should be dense and elastic;
• fresh mushrooms have a pleasant mushroom smell. If they smell damp, they were collected a long time ago or stored incorrectly.

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