A sharp knife blade and the correct method of slicing mushrooms determine the success of your dish

Interesting Facts
The method of cutting champignons depends on what you will cook.
It is worth remembering a simple rule: for long-term heat treatment, mushrooms must be cut into large pieces. If the dish will be prepared for a short time, then the champignons can be finely chopped 👆

There are several ways to slice mushrooms:
🟩slices (this method is suitable for slicing champignons in soups, salads, for baking, drying and freezing);
🟩slices or straws (for frying with vegetables, potatoes);
🟩small cubes (for sauces, caviar, porridge);
🟩cut in half or separate the cap from the leg (for pickling, stuffing, grilling).

When slicing, we advise you to put the fruits on the board with the caps down. This will help not to break the champignons and grind them more easily.

Remember that the size and shape of mushrooms will affect the taste and appearance of your case!

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