Grilled champignons

It’s all about grilled champignons! Mushrooms baked on the fire will be especially tasty during gatherings with friends in nature.

How to cook champignons on the grill? Catch a simple recipe 🗒


champignons - 1 kg;

olive oil - 50 ml;

soy sauce - 50 ml;

parsley - several sprigs;

garlic - 5 cloves;

ground black pepper;



Clean the champignons. Finely chop the garlic and parsley. Mix all ingredients except mushrooms thoroughly. You can also beat them in a blender so that the marinade has a uniform consistency.

Put the mushrooms into a container and pour the prepared marinade. Leave for half an hour. Now the mushrooms are ready to be grilled. Bake until done!

Tip: medium-sized champignons are perfect for a barbecue. Mushrooms that are too small can quickly burn on the fire or become very dry. If you have chosen very large fruits, then cut them in half. So they will be better satisfied with the marinade.

Any of your dishes with Fungi Farm champignons will become a culinary masterpiece!