During breastfeeding, mothers have to pay more attention to their own diet, because it also affects the well-being of the baby.

Interesting Facts
We have analyzed what the doctors say, so we’ll tell you too.

🍼First, you should listen to yourself more: if you like champignons and often used them before and during pregnancy, you can try introducing them into your diet. However, it is better to do it 4-5 months after the birth of the baby.

🍼Remember that you should not eat fried, as well as salted and pickled mushrooms. When breastfeeding, the best cooking options are stewing, boiling and baking.

🍼Those mothers who decided to introduce a new product into their diet (for example, champignons) should monitor the child’s reaction to the updated menu. If the baby develops anxiety, increased gas production or another reaction that worries you, you should stop using the product for a while.

🍼The first meal, in which champignons will be present, should contain few of them, you should not overeat.

🍼Champignons on the menu will allow you to diversify your mother’s diet and will bring benefits when consumed in moderation. These mushrooms will help protect the body from the harmful effects of bacteria and will fill it with vitamins of group B, D, E. They will also help to fill the lack of iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc, which may be
lacking during breastfeeding.

Whether to eat champignons during breastfeeding or not is a personal choice of each mother.

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