Co-founder of Fungi Farm became a participant in the bootcamp of the educational project “The Long Game 2”

Life of company
Success is not a one-time event, but constant learning and improvement.

Co-founder of Fungi Farm Yevhen Salovskyi thinks so, which is why he regularly participates in courses and trainings for entrepreneurs.

Yevhen Salovskyi has recently become a participant in the bootcamp of the educational project “The Long Game 2”! He got such an opportunity by being among the hundred best students. In total, more than 8,000 applications were submitted. A three-day intensive business training course was held in Ivano-Frankivsk.

What is the “ The Long Game”? This is an educational project and a community of young entrepreneurs who want to learn. Here they believe in the power of thorough knowledge at every stage of business. Therefore, the project regularly gives educational grants to those who are ready to play the long game.

The organizers are convinced that the more successful entrepreneurs, the stronger the backbone and rear of the country.

“The Long Game” provides effective business knowledge so that the dream of Ukrainian entrepreneurs becomes a reality!

Yevhen Salovskyi has already returned from his studies with new ideas for the development of Fungi Farm.

We are learning to change the future of Ukrainian business!