How to properly fry champignons?

How to properly fry champignons?🍳

One of the advantages of champignons is the large number of ways to prepare them - from baking and pickling to consumption raw!

But most often these mushrooms are fried in a pan. So they will be a successful addition to a meal or side dish.

📌But do you know how to fry champignons correctly? We have collected some tips:

✅ When frying, mushrooms release a lot of water, so it is better not to cover the pan with a lid;

✅ champignons, which are cut into large pieces, fry for 10-15 minutes, finely chopped – for 5-10 minutes;

✅ the speed of cooking also depends on the number of champignons in the pan, so you should not put a lot of mushrooms at once;

✅ you should salt and pepper champignons already at the end;

✅ Fry frozen champignons for 10-15 minutes over medium heat, stirring. They are cooked in a well-heated pan. There is no need to defrost mushrooms in advance.

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