Our mushrooms “breathe” thanks to innovative packaging

Interesting Facts
Did you notice that Fungi Farm champignons look fresh and beautiful even under the film?

This is all because our mushrooms “breathe” thanks to innovative packaging 🫁

We wrap each food container with fruits with Koech elastic film from the Italian company Fabbri Group.

Koex is an elastic (stretch) film based on PVC, which is especially suitable for packaging fresh food products.

What makes this film different from the usual one?

♻️It has high air permeability, which guarantees better safety of the packaged product;

♻️anti-fogging effect prevents the formation of condensate in products with a high moisture content;

♻️preserves and emphasizes the characteristics of the food product thanks to its optical properties – gloss and high transparency;

♻️protects the product and preserves its nutritional characteristics;

♻️allows you to keep the mushrooms inside the tray, preventing them from moving in the container, especially during transportation;

♻️guarantees resistance to tearing even when packing non-standard shaped products;

♻️protects the product from possible external contamination.

Thanks to the Koex film, our champignons remain healthy and appetizing for a long time!