Can you eat champignons raw? Do you want something tasty, but there is no electricity?

Interesting Facts
Doctors say that eating champignons raw is not only possible, but even necessary. They contain much more useful substances than those that have already undergone heat treatment. However, there is a warning:
• we do not recommend using forest champignons raw, because they absorb harmful substances from the environment;
• champignons suitable for eating raw should not have black spots;
• do not eat raw mushrooms that have cracks or damage;
• buy champignons from verified sellers, not from spontaneous markets.

You can have no doubts about the safety of raw champignons from Fungi farm. For their cultivation, we use high-quality peat and ecologically clean water. Our mushrooms are sent to supermarket shelves in a matter of hours after packaging.

Fungi Farm raw champignons will be a successful addition to your sandwiches, salads, cuts and sauces!