Mushroom farmers from all over Ukraine came to Ternopil Region to learn how to grow champignons of good quality (photo)

Life of company
For three days, the largest champignon farm in Ternopil Region, Fungi Farm, hosted guests.

The courses “Increasing Yield and Quality of Champignons in Phase 3” took place here. The training was organized by the Mushroom Information Agency UMDIS.

Lots of talk about champignons, exotic mushrooms, solar panels, equipment and proper compost – the program was intense. The guests visited the greenhouses of Fungi Farm in the villages of Khatky and Proniatyn.

The owners of the farm are the Salovskyi family. They introduced the course participants to the technologies of growing white and royal champignons in greenhouse conditions. They talked about the efficiency of the enterprise, management of production processes at the mushroom farm.

- Father founded this and continues to nurture it. Mother is the chief technologist. My brother deals with the
technical part, – said Yevhen Salovskyi, co-founder of the farm. – In our business, it is important not to stand still.

We are moving towards modernization. A year and a half ago, we waited 40 days for the first mushroom, now we are waiting 29 days. There are positive changes. There is experience, it accumulates.

In the greenhouses, the farmers recreated the conditions of the four seasons in order to bring the growing conditions of champignons as close as possible to those created by nature.

- Growing mushrooms is a very difficult task. You have to spend a lot of time in greenhouses every day. It is necessary to see what the situation is and what champignons need. They need to be looked after like small children, - said the co-founder of Fungi Farm, Yaroslav Salovskyi.

In total, 24 manufacturers from different parts of Ukraine and 6 sponsor-suppliers took part in the training.

The participants say that such meetings allow them to exchange experience and knowledge about a common business, develop this business, and share problems faced by entrepreneurs during the war.

- We came from Lutsk. We have been dealing with mushrooms for over 20 years, but in the second phase. We want to switch to the third, so we need to know all the nuances. We decided to take part in these courses, – said mushroom farmer Anatolii Povidzion.

Yurii Boichuk, one of the best consultants and trainers in Europe, trained the mushroom farmers. For more than 17 years, he has been engaged in setting up technological processes in mushroom companies of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.